January 25th, 2018

Does your medical practice need a trusted medical equipment repair service?
Do you need your home medical equipment repaired, calibrated or serviced?
You can trust A Better Biomed to get your devices up and running smoothly!

The technologies that you invest in to support your patients are among some of the most valuable assets that you own. Not only are these tools expensive, but they are also vital for providing people with the types of treatment and care they deserve. In addition to…

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December 19th, 2017

The Philips Trilogy Ventilator range remains the most reliable of respiratory support products, offering value and operational excellence. Portable ventilation systems can save countless lives with its sensitive features and functionality with the needs of patients in its design, from pediatric to adult. Here, you can buy new and used Trilogy ventilators for sale with quality guaranteed.

Trilogy portable ventilators incorporate highly specialized design and guaranteed operation. Professional…

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November 28th, 2017

People who suffer from respiratory diseases face a constant daily battle to survive and breathe easily. Even with medications like steroids and inhalers, they may need the additional support offered by medical equipment like respirator masks and oxygen tanks. When you want to remain at home and stay as comfortable as possible, you might be a good candidate for using Trilogy ventilators.

If you are interested in this option, you may want to learn more about the different models. The…

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October 21st, 2017

Trilogy Portable Ventilator Products & Services
Trilogy100 Portable Ventilators: Working With Reputable Suppliers & Technicians
Caregivers should be able to submit requests while trusting that these will be honored in a timely fashion. This is essential, life-saving and life-supporting equipment. As such, responsible providers understand just how vital timely replacements and repairs can often be. More importantly, they are always committed to offering used products of the best possibly…

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September 21st, 2017

New vs Used Trilogy Ventilator Options
While Phillips Trilogy is certainly a reputable and worthwhile brand, patients have to account for the costs of these products and the need to maintain them. Many people do not have a sufficient budget for purchasing new equipment outright. Moreover, they may not want to spend a veritable fortune on any one of these items when new innovations are constantly rendering old models outdated and obsolete. When ventilators are required, some patients also…

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