At A Better Biomed we believe in providing a ‘better’ service with ‘better’ prices for each and every client. Since the company’s establishment in 1984, we’ve worked hard to significantly reduce the critical care and medical equipment maintenance costs. We sell previously owned medical equipment that is in perfect condition at a fair price. We also provide high quality biomedical repair services and medical equipment maintenance specializing in ventilator and respiratory equipment repair.

We Specialize In:

  • Ventilators
  • SPO2 Monitors
  • O2 Blenders
  • CPAPs
  • Any electronic equipment that comes in patient contact
  • Owner Ken Reimer is a Certified Biomedical Engineering Technician and has more than 30 years of experience in the industry. His experience range covers 400 different pieces of equipment.

    Assisting Our Clients with Cutting Edge Equipment

    Our software will monitor your equipment life cycle from procurement to retirement. In order to help you achieve your strategic goals and objectives, all service records, PM histories and associated costs can be tracked for each piece of equipment.

    Contact Us

    To learn more about our company and the services we provide, we encourage you to contact us via our web form or give us a call at 405-570-4890.

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