If you run a business such as a doctor’s office, then you definitely want to have the absolute best machines available. However, these machines are expensive, and many are quite sensitive, meaning that there is a chance they will need regular maintenance. So you want a used medical equipment supplier who really knows what they are doing? We here at A Better Biomed can help you.

Owner Ken Reimer has more than 30 years of experience dealing with medical equipment and is also a Certified Biomedical Engineering Technician. He started the company back in 1984 and has steadily built a reputation as the best in the Oklahoma City area when it comes to selling and maintaining used medical machinery.

Doctors who are striking out on their own for a private practice or clinics that are just starting out may need to save money, and one of the ways is buying used instead of new machines. Though some people equate used units as being lesser, the truth is that if you buy from A Better Biomed, you will always get top notch machines that are as good as new, but for a lower price.

In addition, we provide many services. We do repair work when necessary, but we also offer a large range of preventative services so that the machines stay in tip-top shape and don’t need larger, more expensive repairs later. We have experience with over 400 kinds of equipment, so chances are good we can service yours. We always keep detailed records of all service calls and any maintenance performed on every unit, so you know how much you have spent and how many times it may have needed adjusting or fixing.

We are located in Oklahoma City, but we are willing to drive to Tulsa, Amarillo, Kansas City, Dallas, and Fort Worth in Texas. We want to help you achieve your business goals, so give us a call and see how we can help your medical business come to life on a smaller budget. Pre-owned machines and the expertise of A Better Biomed is ready to assist you.