For clinics and related facilities, saving on operational costs is imperative to the long-term success of the business. For patients who rely on the chronic care apparatus, the exorbitant expense of purchasing new machinery is often out of the question. As a trusted and recognized used medical equipment supplier, we offer thoroughly inspected apparatus and products at a fraction of the original cost, helping you benefit from savings and reliability.

Refurbished clinical apparatus must be of the highest quality to ensure that it delivers the high performance, sustainable and dependable operations needed. At A Better Bio-Med, we only deal with the best products to assure our customers of safe and effective delivery that includes support for various conditions and operational purposes. To guarantee the reputability of the apparatus purchased, only seek the services of an authorized supply service.

To provide our customers with the best standard of service, our team of technicians is expertly trained and licensed to perform complete inspections and refurbishment. We include a warranty on the items sold and deliver on our promise of quality and attention to detail. Every product is sold with a serial number allowing for traceability and research concerning the device.

We provide servicing of all used devices as these products are more susceptible to wear and tear. Prior to conducting repairs and refurbishment, the service is performed to keep all components running smoothly and efficiently. We will issue a document or report concerning the practices and procedures completed on the apparatus.

The process of refurbishment is an important part of restoring the condition and the integrity of clinical devices. We are committed to providing our customers the best standard in refurbished medical apparatus including a warranty and complete service performed by our trained and experienced technicians. Our purpose is to provide the reliability, the safety and the effectiveness you seek in a cost-effective and high quality selection.