If you’ve recently suffered a health issue and need help finding wheelchairs or other personal transport items, consider checking us out for your purchases. We offer a range of used medical equipment for sale and can help you find exactly what you are looking for. We can walk you through the various models available for purchase.

We provide ourselves on customers service. If you have any questions on prices, warranty possibilities, or other issues, our representatives will always assist you with an efficient purchase. Some prices might be negotiable, and any questions on taxes for reporting purposes can be easily nailed down early on in the process.

We are pleased to help people who have recently become immobile. This means providing them with wheelchairs that they might need to get around. Electric wheelchairs are all the rage these days, and ensuring that our customers get one that is mechanically sound is always important to us.

Scooters are another mode of medical transport that older individuals or people with bad knees or legs might make use of. Scooters can be used in public parks and on sidewalks and usually provide a smooth ride. For people who still want to enjoy living life, a scooter can be just what they need to stay healthy and happy. Scooters usually have well-manufactured batteries that will provide plenty of juice once they have been charged all the way up.

We also provide an excellent ventilator repair service, which is, of course, necessary for patients who have been through catastrophic events. Infusion pumps and other related equipment can be similarly repaired with the right skills and knowledge. We can explain the various functional accessory items associated with ventilators so you know what to look for.

Consider your own long-term planning as you begin to choose the kinds of equipment you need to lead a good life. In some cases, intense bouts of physical therapy may allow you to improve your mobility and eventually improve how you feel. We can work with you to take a serious look at future purchases that might be needed.

We can ultimately help you make progress toward your goals. We sell a wide range of used medical equipment that can make your life and the lives of your patients easier. Feel free to contact us for help with a specific purchase. We’ll gladly work with you in an efficient manner so you can reach your goals.