If a loved one is dependent on medical equipment, it is important to schedule regular calibration. This allows an expert to ensure that the device functions accurately and reliably. Delicate devices such as heart monitors are prone to drifting, and inaccurate readings can have devastating consequences. We provide professional in-home medical equipment calibration for your safety and convenience.

A question most people ask is how often they should schedule for tuning. It all depends on a range of factors, including the scale of use of a device and its manufacturer recommendations. Each device is unique, and while one may need to be tuned monthly, others may only require tuning several times a year.

If you have a range of devices that need tuning at different frequencies, we can get you into a schedule. This will ensure that remembering all the details will not be a hard task for you. As soon as the tuning of one device is almost due, we will do a follow-up to ensure you do not forget to plan for a service.

To get it right, we strongly recommend going by the manufacturer’s recommendations. It is also imperative to schedule services before and right after a major project. Tuning before an important health examination routine ensures that the device provides sharp precision to help your practitioner make crucial decisions about your medical plans.

If you need to use a device that you have not used for a long while, be sure to get it calibrated. Again, extensive periods of inactivity cause accuracy drifts. These drifts are also quite common after the heavy use of certain devices. In case a machine falls or undergoes any other kind of equipment trauma, it is necessary to re-calibrate it before use because it may suffer internal overloads that are hard to diagnose without the proper tools and expertise.