When you’re recovering from a major illness or injury, or when a chronic condition makes you increasingly reliant upon various forms of technology, finding the right equipment suppliers is critical. At A Better Biomed, we are totally committed to helping our clients improve their quality of life. Following are several ways in which our home medical equipment can make life a lot easier.

To start, we offer a very extensive range of top-rated products. In fact, our portable ventilators represent cutting-edge technologies that are easy and safe enough for almost anyone to use. We offer a vast range of both new and previously owned options so that our clients can find products at many different price points.

If some or all of your needs will be covered by medical insurance, our trained team members can assist you in the billing process. We have worked with patients and families with all levels of spending abilities and a very diverse range of equipment requirements. As such, we believe that no job is too large, small, or complex for us to successfully tackle it. We have helped countless patients and families find their ideal in-home solutions.

Our team members can also assist you in getting your new resources set up and in learning how to use them. We want you to get the absolute best value from any medical products that we supply. With proper setup, training, and troubleshooting info, you can enjoy stress-free and totally hassle-free function for quite some time. Moreover, given that we inspect, repair and fully refurbish our used merchandise, you can always expect to get premium quality and high-functioning products from us, no matter what your targeted price point may be.

If problems ever do arise, you can count on our timely repair services to resolve them. We have more than three decades of experience in this area, and we have aligned ourselves with all of the top parts suppliers. This allows us to offer rapid solutions and to sidestep the inconvenience and frustration of annoying, materials-related delays.

When consumers think of A Better Biomed, however, attributes such as affordability and quality always come to mind. We provide top-rated solutions at reasonable prices by stocking both new and used items, and by leveraging our extensive understanding of the medical equipment market. Contact our office today to learn more about our current inventory and to find out how our products can help you live better today.