Medical technologies, like many other forms of technologies, keep advancing towards improved and better equipment. However, the reality is that it can become difficult to keep up with these technologies and acquire the latest appliances, especially with shrinking budgets in the health sector. Apart from the costs, healthcare providers are being urged to reduce wait times and enhance their overall standards of care and patient outcomes. These challenges, among others, make it essential for healthcare providers to turn to a used medical equipment supplier to purchase what they need. This is where our services prove essential.

About A Better Biomed

For the last 35 years, we at A Better Biomed have built immense capacity and established our business as one of the leading used medical appliance suppliers in Oklahoma City, OK. Our main focus has been to ease the costs of equipment maintenance and subsequently critical care. In order to achieve this objective, we trade new and used appliances, albeit that is in perfect working condition at reasonable prices. We also offer appliance repair and maintenance services, with our specialty being respiratory and ventilator appliances. Our health device repair and maintenance services are available throughout Oklahoma City, OK, and neighboring areas including Kansas City, Fort Worth, Amarillo, Tulsa, and Dallas.

Why A Better Biomed

At A Better Biomed, we believe in supplying our customers with the highest quality medical appliance and services available. Subsequently, we do not only supply our customers with a used medicinal appliance, but also ensure that the products deliver efficiently. During the more than three decades of service, we have formed partnerships with the leading manufacturers of ventilators and respiratory appliance. Additionally, we have dedicated substantial investments in employee training and our biomedical services.

Usually, many used health appliance providers tend to abandon their customers with the products once the purchase is made. To avoid such inconveniences, we at A Better Biomed have diversified our services to encompass preventative maintenance and repair work. Our employees have been trained in the repair and maintenance of hundreds of different types and models of appliances. We utilize an in-house software system that monitors the life cycle of all the appliance that we supply from the period of procurement to retirement.

More importantly, we utilize the software to track and maintain service records and other service costs for each appliance. Using this information, we are able to assist our customers to optimize the usefulness of these appliances and realize their strategic goals and objectives. Contact us for further information on new and second-hand medical equipment in Oklahoma.